About the Dr. Todosi Private Practice

Any smile and, with it, self-confidence can be regained.

Assisted by a team of experts, depending on the diagnosis, each patient will received customized treatment, while the quality of the medical act will be observed, against a fair price. Even juniors smile when they enter your office.

With my co-workers, we design everything in such a way that you feel encouraged to come back here gladly and continue to be our patients. I am grateful to those who put their faith in me and I am waiting for you to witness the entire team’s professionalism.

Our Team

  • Dr. Oana Laslau
    Orthodontics specialist

  • Dr. Mircea Laslau
    Oral and maxillofacila surgeon

  • Dr. Diana Cacoveanu
    Periodontology specialist

  • Nicoleta Nita
    General dentistry assistant

  • Dr. Radu Andrei Todosi
    General dentistry,

  • Dental implant specialist
    Technician Raluca Ciobanescu

  • Coordinating dental technician
    Dental aesthetics specialist

  • Tehnician Mihai Ciobanu
    Coordinating dental technician

Dental Services

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