Dental prosthetic

Dental prosthetic services and treatments

Prosthetic services and treatments: dental crowns and bridges from noble or semi-noble metals, dental porcelain and porcelain or composite veneers, mobile or mobilizable prosthetic devices, gold, siver or porcelain inlays.

Prosthetic dental services:

  • Prosthetic works (crowns, tooth bridges) from noble, semi-noble metals, dental porcelain;
  • Mobile or mobilizable prosthetic devices;
  • Classic or special skeletal prostheses;
  • Dental porcelain or composite veneers;
  • Works on implants;
  • Occlusal balancing treatments;
  • Noble metal or dental porcelain inlays.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices or devices that cannot be removed and they are built in order to replace one or several missing teeth.

Metal-porcelain dental crowns

Metal-porcelain dental crowns

The role of dental crowns is to restore the natural shape and the normal functional condition, of a damaged tooth.

Skeletal prosthesis with special attachment systems

Skeletal prosthesis with special attachment systems

In cases of significant edentulism (many teeth missing) but where the number of the remaining teeth and their position allow the insertion of prostheses for such a skeletal work.

Chamfer polishing

Chamfer polishing

For the perfect execution of crowns and dental bridges I recommend chamfer polishing.

Complete list of dental prosthetic

  • Dental piece ablation / tooth

  • Removal of crown-root restorations

  • Cementing of the work / tooth

  • Dentatus

  • Cast (metallic) crown-root restoration

  • Glass fiber crown-root restoration

  • Metal crown

  • Acrylic crown cabinet

  • Weisser crown

  • Metal-porcelain crown (Vita)

  • Metal-porcelain crown (D'sign)

  • Zirconium-based crown

  • Pressed porcelain veneer

  • Pressed porcelain crown

  • Prosthetic implant abutment

  • Individual spoon

  • Acrylic crown cabinet

  • Maryland bridge

  • Total prosthesis

  • Skeletal prosthetic device

  • Prosthesis repairs

  • Prosthesis coating

  • Bruxism tray

  • Whitening trays

  • EMAX crown

dental prosthetic fees

Dental ServiceFee
Dental piece ablation / tooth7 EUR
Removal of crown-root restorations20 EUR
Cementing of the work / tooth5 EUR
Dentatus20 EUR
Cast (metallic) crown-root restoration25 EUR
Glass fiber crown-root restoration30 EUR
Metal crown58 EUR
Acrylic crown cabinet30 EUR
Weisser crown80 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown (Vita)105 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown (D'sign)140 EUR
Zirconium-based crown140 EUR
Pressed porcelain veneer150 EUR
Pressed porcelain crown150 EUR
Prosthetic implant abutment30 EUR
Individual spoon25 EUR
Acrylic crown cabinet8 EUR
Maryland bridge30 EUR
Total prosthesis160 EUR
Skeletal prosthetic device525 EUR
Prosthesis repairs30 EUR
Prosthesis coating35 EUR
Bruxism tray35 EUR
Whitening trays45 EUR
EMAX crown300 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for dental prosthetic or the complete list of dental services.

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