Prophylactic dentistry

Prophylactic dentistry

Prevention is preferable to treatment: prophylactic dentistry, oral hygiene guidance, plaque control, ultrasound tooth scaling, professional tooth brushing, fluoride therapy.

Prophylaxis is the least complicated and least expensive treatment method. It prevents dental disorders and periodontitis, thus preventing the development of complications. Therefore, dental prophylaxis serves 2 purposes:

  1. to prevent the appearance of tooth decay and of periodontitis;
  2. to prevent the development of tooth decay and of periodontitis.

Periodic control can be an efficient prophylactic measure and it can include:

  • Oral hygiene is the most important prophylactic method and its purpose is to eliminate plaque. It is not performed in the dentist’s practice, but you can be guided and advised on oral hygiene, e.g. on the prophylaxis of the food factor by decreasing the intake of sugars!
  • Professional tooth brushing is performed in-office and its purpose is to professionally remove plaque by using mechanical instruments and an abrasive paste.
  • Tooth scaling is the removal of dental plaque by using ultrasound instruments.
  • The identification and the treatment of incipient caries prevent the evolution of cavities and the development of complications.

Dental prophylaxis services include:

  • Oral hygiene advice;
  • Plaque control;
  • Sealing of pits and fissures;
  • Ultrasound tooth scaling and professional brushing;
  • Fluoride therapy trays.

Complete list of prophylactic dentistry

  • Dental consultation

  • Prophylaxis for adults

  • Prophylaxis for children

  • Professional tooth brushing

  • Fluoride therapy / tooth

  • Fluoride therapy trays

  • Application of dentin desensitizer/tooth

  • Temporary tooth filling

prophylactic dentistry fees

Dental ServiceFee
Dental consultation10 EUR
Prophylaxis for adults37 EUR
Prophylaxis for children25 EUR
Professional tooth brushing20 EUR
Fluoride therapy / tooth5 EUR
Fluoride therapy trays45 EUR
Application of dentin desensitizer/tooth5 EUR
Temporary tooth filling20 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for prophylactic dentistry or the complete list of dental services.

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