Periodontology services

Periodontology services: gum disorder prophylaxis, gingivitis treatment, treatment of periodontal diseases and occlusal balancing of periodontal teeth.

Periodontology services include:

  • Gum disorder prophylaxis;
  • Gingivitis treatment and treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • Occlusal balancing of periodontal teeth.

Complete list of periodontology

  • Scaling, dental arch brushing

  • Sub-gingival curettage / tooth

  • Surgery with flap per tooth with bone addition

  • Fixation of periodontal teeth with orthodontic wire

  • Fixation with composite + glass fiber

periodontology fees

Dental ServiceFee
Scaling, dental arch brushing18 EUR
Sub-gingival curettage / tooth10 EUR
Surgery with flap per tooth with bone addition105 EUR
Fixation of periodontal teeth with orthodontic wire58 EUR
Fixation with composite + glass fiber80 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for periodontology or the complete list of dental services.

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