Services and treatments through the complete and complex therapy of cavities, fillings, hypersensitivity by using modern techniques and non-irritating sealants.

These services include:

  • Complete and complex treatmment of cavities and tooth aches;
  • Restorations, photopolymerizable physiognomic fillings;
  • Treatment of hypersensitivity;
  • The use of biomaterials under the crown fillings, for the preservation of tooth vitality;
  • Root canals by using modern techniques, of condensation and non-irritating sealants.

Treatment of cavities

Treatment of cavities

Dental caries are the most frequent pathological injury, which damages the tooth hard tissue. In its first phases, they can be identified only by the dentist, after periodic controls.

Complete list of odonto-therapy

  • Small composite/ glass ionomer filling

  • Medium composite/ glass ionomer filling

  • Large composite/ glass ionomer filling

  • Atypical cavity fillings

  • Restoration of massively damaged tooth

  • Highly difficult frontal physiognomic fillings

  • Direct/indirect capping

odonto-therapy fees

Dental ServiceFee
Small composite/ glass ionomer filling20 EUR
Medium composite/ glass ionomer filling25 EUR
Large composite/ glass ionomer filling30 EUR
Atypical cavity fillings30 EUR
Restoration of massively damaged tooth35 EUR
Highly difficult frontal physiognomic fillings28 - 37 EUR
Direct/indirect capping12 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for odonto-therapy or the complete list of dental services.

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