Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry services

Pediatric dentistry is the field that deals with the children’s temporary and permanent teeth. Lifelong beautiful and healthy teeth require care and monitoring starting from childhood.

Children’s visits to the dentist’s should be regular, starting from the eruption of the first teeth and up to the final and complete change of temporary dentition. This will allow preventive action against any disorder: cavities, tooth-gum anomalies, gum disorders etc.

Parents hold a significant role in the education of the child’s oral hygiene, because regular and thorough hygiene application at home will create lifelong healthy routine.

Earning the children’s trust from the beginning is essential. With the help of a friendly and pleasant environment and by encouragement (competitions, awards, diplomas etc.), even the youngest of the patients are eager to visit us.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

It is essential to gain confidence from the start.

Complete list of pediatric dentistry

  • Sealing of pits, fissures

  • Temporary tooth filling

  • Temporary tooth extraction

  • Temporary tooth endodontic therapy

pediatric dentistry fees

Dental ServiceFee
Sealing of pits, fissures20 EUR
Temporary tooth filling14 EUR
Temporary tooth extraction12 EUR
Temporary tooth endodontic therapy14 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for pediatric dentistry or the complete list of dental services.

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