Dental bridges

Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices or devices that cannot be removed and they are built in order to replace one or several missing teeth.

Dental bridges

The teeth that limit the existing spaces are used as an anchor for the bridge, to restore functionality and aesthetics.

Now, we can create porcelain bridges on several types of metal, supports (Remanium Cr-Ni; Gold Palladium Au-Pd; Gold Platinum Au-Pt; Zirconia Zr), as well as all-ceramic or resin-based, to obtain optimal results.

Fixed metal-ceramic bridges
Clinical case 31

The 51-year-old patient showed up in the office for aesthetic and functional reasons, but mostly because of the unbearable teeth pain. After establishing the treatment plan, we decided to reconstitute with the patient with two metallic ceramic fixtures (D'sign), thus restoring both correct occlusion (bite) and physiological appearance. The case was all the more difficult as the "counter clock" was worked, the job being ready in just three weeks.

14 March 2015Fixed metal-ceramic bridges →

Frontal edentulism
Clinical case 25

Patient suffering from frontal edentulism. I chose a fixed work from 3 metal-ceramic elements (Ivoclar D'sign, price 600 RON / element).

17 September 2014Frontal edentulism →

Vita porcelain dental bridge on metallic structure
Clinical case 24

Patient arrived at the practice for aesthetic reasons, complained about spontaneous bleeding of gums or bleeding when brushing. I removed the old dental piece, redid the treatments and the prosthetic abutments. The new prosthetic piece is made from Vita porcelain on metallic structure.

17 September 2014Vita porcelain dental bridge on metallic structure →

Dental bridges
Clinical case 23

17 September 2014Dental bridges →

Metal-ceramic dental bridge
Clinical case 19

Patient arrived at the office for aesthetic and functional reasons, complaints: gum bleeding and bad smell. I removed the old dental piece, redid the treatments de canal, the prosthetic abutments and performed polishing.

27 August 2014Metal-ceramic dental bridge →

Upper metal-ceramic bridge and lower skeletal one
Clinical case 16

Patient arrived at the office for functional and aesthetic reasons, with pain in several teeth. Fixed upper metal-ceramic piece inserted (Vita porcelain), and skeletal piece with special attachment systems inserted at the lower part.

14 Apry 2014Upper metal-ceramic bridge and lower skeletal one →

Metal-ceramic fixed bridge prosthesis
Clinical case 14

35-year old patient suffering from severe aesthetic and functional problems. I had to devise a complex treatment plan, canal treatments, extractions, abutment restoration, polishing. I inserted a fixed metal-ceramic bridge (Ivoclar D'sign).

8 October 2013Metal-ceramic fixed bridge prosthesis →

Zirconia fixed dental bridge
Clinical case 11

Patient suffering from maxillary lateral tooth edentulism and multiple cavity damage at the frontal part. I performed canal treatments and inserted a zirconia fixed bridge for the entire upper frontal group.

12 Ianuary 2013Zirconia fixed dental bridge →

Vita metal-ceramic bridge
Clinical case 5

35-year old patient arrived at the dental office for aesthetic and functional reasons. I chose a total metal-ceramic Vita, price 450 RON / element) bridge.

12 December 2012Vita metal-ceramic bridge →

Total upper and lower bridges
Clinical case 1

Patient arrived at the dental office for functional and aesthetic reasons. Treatment chosen: two total bridges. At the upper part, I chose a Weisser total bridge (lower price 350 RON / element). At the lower part, I chose a total metal-ceramic bridge (Vita porcelain, price 450 RON / element). The pictures were taken 1 year after the provisory cementing of the pieces, when the patient came for the final cementing.

3 August 2011Total upper and lower bridges →

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