Metal-porcelain dental crowns

The role of dental crowns is to restore the natural shape and the normal functional condition, of a damaged tooth.

Metal-porcelain dental crowns

This type of dental restauration is used in the following cases:

  1. there is considerable cavity damage at the tooth and there isn’t sufficient healthy structure for fillings or inlays – in general, any tooth that retains less than 50% of the natural material requires crown inlay;

  2. the tooth is fractured and cannot be restored by conventional techniques, using composite materials for considerable cavity damage, the patient may choose crown restoration for additional protection;

  3. endodontic root canal treatment is often completed with the installation of a dental crown, to protect the vulnerable tooth – particularly the molars;

  4. bruxism, improper food intake and dental erosion may lead to such considerable deterioration that the crown is the only restorative option;

  5. the dental crown must meet a series of requirements, such as fulfil all the functions of the natural tooth it covers and look like it, allow dental flossing, not to retain food, not to be uncomfortable and not to modify the occlusion.

Total physiomic crowns E-Max
Clinical case 41

The 33-year-old patient presented herself with an old (unsightly) work with a desire to change her. We decided together with the patient and the technician to change it with total physiological E-Max crowns. The result was extraordinary.

10 October 2018Total physiomic crowns E-Max →

E-Max crowns and facets
Clinical case 40

The patient, aged 30 years, presented to us for aesthetic reasons. Together with the patient, I opted for E-Max crowns and facets.

The case was a very difficult one because I only worn some of my teeth. We managed to achieve the same shape and color as the natural teeth, preserving the vitality of the prosthetic teeth, the result being spectacular.

16 August 2018E-Max crowns and facets →

EMax dental crowns
Clinical case 39

The patient, aged 28, wanted to have a perfect hollywood smile. I opted for an E-Max crown denture.

The case was extremely difficult because of the edging of the upper lateral incisors, but also of the tremors (the turret) in the frontal area. Finally, we obtained the patient's much-wanted result.

20 September 2017EMax dental crowns →

EMax dental crowns
Clinical case 37

The 27-year-old patient wanted a perfect smile - obtained with E-Max dental crowns.

18 September 2017EMax dental crowns →

Metal-ceramic work (design)
Clinical case 34

The patient (25 years) presented herself in the office for aesthetic reasons and together I opted for a metal-ceramic work (design). At the end we managed to redeem the much-desired smile.

3 February 2016Metal-ceramic work (design) →

Fixed ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns
Clinical case 33

The 27-year-old patient showed up in the office for aesthetic reasons. The case was a real challenge as the patient had a missing tooth in the upper frontal area. The patient wanted a perfect smile and opted for a fixed ceramic work on zirconium in the frontal area and metal-ceramic crowns in the lateral areas. The case was not an easy one because the space in the frontal area was limited - for a correct job both functional and aesthetically, a very careful preparation of the prosthetic collars and a perfect fingerprint was needed.

17 September 2015Fixed ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns →

Malocclusions and metal-ceramic crowns
Clinical case 32

The 24-year-old patient presented for aesthetic, functional and, above all, social reasons. The case has encountered difficulties due to malocclusion (improper closure of the mouth) of the patient. After the face arc recording, together with the technician, I found the solution of a correct occlusion. Following prosthetic treatment (metal-ceramic crowns) we obtained the desired result of the patient.

29 Feb 2015Malocclusions and metal-ceramic crowns →

Fixed prosthesis with metal-ceramic work
Clinical case 30

The 81-year-old patient was presented with a functional and aesthetic problems in the lower jaw. After conducting canal treatments and teeth grinding, we opted for a fixed prosthesis (metal-ceramic work).

10 February 2015Fixed prosthesis with metal-ceramic work →

Fixed metal-ceramic dental crown
Clinical case 29

The 37-year-old patient presented with a work done in Spain (upper skeletal prosthesis) and accused functional and aesthetic problems. Analyzing the case and taking into account the patient's desire to get rid of the mobile work, we have succeeded in a fixed metal-ceramic work, which gave the patient a better mastication, the desired appearance and, implicitly, a greater self-confidence.

23 December 2014Fixed metal-ceramic dental crown →

Restoring treatments and metal-porcelain crown
Clinical case 26

28-year old patient consultation for aesthetic reasons, complaining about bad smell and bleeding gums. I chose to remove the old work, redo the canal treatment and the prosthetic abutments. The gum suffered from chronic irritation, but owing to the correct adjustment of the new ceramic work, the gum regained its natural aspect. Since this is an important aesthetic area, I chose a metal-ceramic material (Ivoclar D'sign).

17 September 2014Restoring treatments and metal-porcelain crown →

Metal-porcelain dental crowns
Clinical case 10

Patient arrived at the dental office for aesthetic reasons. I chose to restore the 4 upper incisors with 4 metal-ceramic crowns (improved appearance), and the lateral part by 2 fixed metal-ceramic pieces. All the works were performed in Vita porcelain.

12 December 2012Metal-porcelain dental crowns →

Metal-porcelain dental crowns Vita
Clinical case 4

Patient arrived at the dental office for aesthetic reasons. The old acrylic piece was removed, canal treatments were redone, as well as the prosthetic abutments. For improved physiognomic appearance, I chose individual prosthesis of teeth by metal-ceramic crowns (Vita porcelain).

12 December 2012Metal-porcelain dental crowns Vita →

Individual metal-porcelain dental crowns
Clinical case 3

Patient with badly adjusted dental piece and decayed teeth. I restored the endodontic treatment, as well as the prosthetic abutments (metal pivots). The new piece includes metal-ceramic crowns (Vita porcelain).

12 December 2012Individual metal-porcelain dental crowns →

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